Since the last time I blogged, we’ve been all over town – cheering on the Grand Rapids Drive, spread out over various breweries, and all together at Vander Mill.

Each place we were, I noticed that we drew attention, whether we asked for it or not. Our large groups, our matching T-shirts, lots of laughs ringing out – we can’t be missed. I noticed how the veterans took advantage: committee members reaching out to managers of venues, telling them about our event with the orange cards in ready in hand, left littered on the table to catch the eye of the next beer drinkers. I felt like a local celeb when the Grand Rapids Drive announcer gave us a shout out as we walked to the court, leaving “Friends and Families of Cystic Fibrosis” and “Bid for Bach” in the other attendees’ ears.

In the same way I’d never been to a Grand Rapids Drive game, maybe someone from the crowd who heard our shout-out will go to their first Bid Event this year. In the same way that I didn’t even know Vander Mill was there on Ball St., maybe someone who was there saw our group, and will tell their friends about us. And in the same way I had been to Vivant before, but hadn’t been back for a visit in a long time, maybe someone who saw our group was reminded of what they’d heard before of FFCF, and will get involved this year, or at least pass the word along.

Quick progress note: I’m currently living out the “don’t stick too hard to your theme” lesson. After chatting with some committee and bach’s last week, I’ve decided to change my plans a little – nothing drastic, but the package isn’t exactly what I had imagined. Luckily, GR is filled with options, and it seems there is an opportunity to make a connection almost everywhere we go.

Until next time! -Olivia