With hundreds of emails sent and old school letters on their merry ways to mailboxes, and the deadline drawing nearer, I’m a little anxious these days about how things will turn out for this package. Each time I hear my email ping go off, I rush to the mail app to see who may have responded, feelings of excitement for a ‘yes’ and dread of a ‘no’ mixing in my chest.

The first response I received was like a comic relief scene in a suspense movie: “OMG my first answer!” I squealed, only to open a clipped response: “I am no longer in business. Please remove me from your mailing list. Thanks.”…

LOL WHAT! NOT the response I expected for the first one, but hey, I guess we got one out of the way. The blow will be softer next time, as I’m sure there will be more.

I cannot believe it’s already halfway through January. With a busy end of the month and lots of plans already in the calendar for February, March 3 is sure to come quickly. I’ve been skimming gowns online, checking emails and my mailbox constantly, and getting more excited by the day. I’m excited to see the other Bach’s packages, as some of us have been kind of hush-hush about them – whether this is because we’re timid about how ours will measure up to another’s (I’ve felt it), or because we are trying to be sneaky and come out with this awesome mega-package and don’t want anyone to steal our ideas (maybe not so much this one?). I’m excited to see everything come together, and I’m excited for this group to do a good job for the people who work so hard on this every year.

Cheers to more ‘yes’ responses for all of us!