I’ll be honest you guys, after a long, busy week back to work after the holidays, and thinking about the bitter cold between my front door and my car, it was really difficult to wake up from my post-work nap, and I was really tempted to stay in my warm cocoon with Michael Scott and the gang. But I am SO GLAD that I went to the Kickoff tonight.

This past week I really got down to work on my package, and I started feeling really intimidated and overwhelmed; memories of island getaways and other insanely awesome packages danced through my mind as I made my lists and wrote my letters. I had a ton of contacts listed, but “what if none of them say yes,” I thought to myself. What am I going to do, scrounge together some spare change and submit a homemade gift for my package!? (Kidding.)

But the ladies tonight REALLY made me feel so much better. I learned from talking with past bachelors and bachelorettes that people are more generous and willing to say “yes” than I may think. I learned that I actually won’t be standing on stage while crickets perform a symphony in the background. I learned not to stick so closely to my theme, especially if I don’t get the amount of “yes’s” I hoped for.

Thank you to the leaders for making me feel much more comfortable about getting a good package together. Thank you for putting together another fun event and for the T-shirt that I will proudly wear to the next one. While sitting with my new friends we discussed who would be going to which event, and I’m so looking forward to seeing them again. I got to know other bach’s and committee members better tonight, talked to some people I hadn’t had the pleasure of talking with at length during other events, and I know the new friends will keep coming.

Tonight, my overall attitude about this event transformed from timid and nervous to excited and ready to take it on full force!

P.S.: Relatively unimportant, but I can’t pretend that I’m not so excited about choosing my walk-out music, or about Cheeky Strut being available to do my hair, or that I can get my lashes done. Dresses were certainly a hot topic of discussion tonight, too. I better make my package look really good first, though!

P.P.S.: I’m sorry I don’t have Facebook!!

Happy New Year, everyone.