Couples Date Package #1

Presented by Doug & Christy Heilman

CF Parents

Hi! I’m Tegan.
I’m four years old and my parents say I’m kind of a ham! I love being silly and making people smile. I’ve got a big heart and I’m a pretty determined kid, so I don’t let a whole lot get in my way!
Which is good because this has helped me so much in dealing with Cystic Fibrosis (CF). I was about four months old when the doctors realized I wasn’t growing the way I was supposed to. You see, CF not only affects your lungs, but the same thick, sticky mucus also causes your digestive system to not work right. So I wasn’t absorbing any of the vitamins or nutrients I was eating and was starting to fall off the growth chart.

After ultrasounds, bloodwork, x-rays and a whole bunch of other tests, at eight months old, they finally determined I had CF. For some reason, they missed this when they screened me as a newborn, which is when most people find out. That was pretty scary to hear! The first things you read about CF are there’s no cure and it’s life-shortening.

But, thankfully there are so many amazing medicines to help me fight this disease! I wear a vest that shakes that thick mucus free and do breathing treatments with medicine to help keep my lungs healthy. There are enzymes I take before I eat anything to help me digest and extra vitamins to help my body get all that it needs. And every time I go into the doctor, I’m usually in the 90th percentile for height and weight, which means those enzymes are doing their job and helping me grow BIG and STRONG!

Speaking of big and strong, I LOVE being active! I go to gymnastics preschool, love to ride my bike, play hockey and basketball and jump on our trampoline in the summertime. Exercise is SO good for my lungs and is like another form of medicine for me! I like to show my three older brothers how to play video games and always beat my Mom and Dad when we play! Right now, Mario and Pokemon are my favorite things.
Speaking of favorites, I love to do so many of the things included in this package! Will you help make a difference in the lives of me and all my CF friends and bid on it?

Date Package Includes:

  • (7) Nights Stay Gift Certificate for a Cabin Rental at Pine Bluff Resort
    Located on Big Manistique Lake, in the UP Michigan
    Sleeps up to Six people
  • (1) Executive Suite at the West Michigan Whitecaps
    • Friday, May 17th Against the Great Lakes Loons
    • Includes: (25) Tickets and (4) Hall of Fame Parking Passes
  • $200 VISA Gift Card for Food or Drinks
  • (4) Passes to Altitude Trampoline Park in Grand Rapids
  • (1) Seasonal Family Membership to Millennium Park