Couples Date Package #2

Couples Date Package #2

Chicago Party

Presented by Doug & Christy Heilman

CF Parents

Doug and Christy Heilman never knew they were carriers for the CF gene. When their son, Tegan, was born, everything was fine until he was about 4 months old and was not gaining weight like he was supposed to. After a series of blood draws, ultrasounds and x-rays, he had a sweat test done to determine if he had Cystic Fibrosis when he was 8 months old. The test came back positive.

Since then, life’s been a whirlwind of treatments and medications and lots of prayers for his health and for a cure. Tegan’s now 3 years old, and his big personality shines through. He lives life loud with a lot of spunk and zest for adventure. But he’s got a kind, soft heart, is so affectionate and offers smiles and conversations to just about everyone he meets. There isn’t a sport he doesn’t like, he loves anything ninja or superhero-related, spends a lot of his time coloring or doing puzzles and runs around the house singing and dancing to anything with a good beat.

Date Package Sponsored by
Friends & Families of Cystic Fibrosis

Get away for an “adults only” night in Chicago!
Before you go, grab your $100 Visa Gift Card for a little extra spending money. Head to the Godfrey Hotel for the night and once you are settled in your room, make your way to the upscale Dolce Italian for dinner with your $100 Gift Card. Wrap up your night with up to 10 friends at IO at the Godfrey; Chicago’s largest indoor/outdoor rooftop lounge. Enjoy Bottle Service (2 premium bottles) in communal booths under the retractable roof in Summer or next to the two-level fire pit in the Winter months.

Before heading home, swing by Bub City to use your Gift Certificate for some of Chicago’s best southern authentic barbecue!