A Valuable Lesson

It’s the great debate: does size matter?

When it comes to packages, it seems that BIGGER IS BETTER. And this past week I could totally relate to those embarrassed of small packages when I turned in my donations to my team leader. There were no tickets to a far-flung corner of the world. There were no thousand-dollar-value items. As I sheepishly handed my small stack to Carly, she made a comment that made me feel so much better. Something along the lines of: “we need packages of all sizes. Not everyone will want to spend such big money that night.”

Now, I think the bigger the better for these packages. Go big or go home! Dream Big! As long as your thinking, thing big! Notorious B.I.G! Wait…

Anyway – there is some seriously comforting validity in Carly’s comment. Maybe there will be someone in the crowd who wants to make a purchase, but who will be blown out of the water by the auctioneer when they go upwards of $500 or $1,000. *Puts down paddle.* In comes my small package (or that of others). Maybe it won’t go for a ton of money, but if there’s someone there who’s interested in my mix of donations, they won’t have to spend big to get it (probably).

Though I would love to raise oodles of money that night with my contribution, I have learned to be pleased with what I did put together. And I will no longer dream to have the biggest package like I did these past few months. I’ll say it, I’m content with my small package!

Here’s a lesson though, for anyone who may do this in the future. And it’s a lesson that’s been taught before, so let’s call it a reminder here: don’t wait to get started. I received calls with interest in donating the literal day before packages were due. Then I received a call the week after packages were due. Had I gotten going a little earlier, maybe my little package might be a little bigger. Just a thought… Anyway, case in point-

Don’t be this guy:

Countdown: 18 days!

Cheers everyone.

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